We run, cycle and are always on the go. We love doing active things outdoors - and want to help you do too.

Team RunFriendly combines our design, engineering, technology, innovation and cities experience.

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Scott Cain

CEO & Founder

Who runs a lot.



Sérgio Cameira

Design & Co-Founder

Who’s always on-the-go.



Maddy Nutt

analysis & customer satisfaction

Cycles and runs a lot.


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RunFriendly wins award at Sport Tech Hub Demo Day

RunFriendly won one of the two awards at the Sport Tech Hub Demo Day 2019. Hosted by PwC and organised by London Sport and its Sport Tech Hub, RunFriendly won the People's Choice Award as voted by the evening's attendees. RunFriendly continues to work with and benefit from the network, skills and experience of the programme and its partners, and will now mentor one or more of the team's in the next cohort. The new RunFriendly t-shirts also made their first public appearance, which will be made available to our first subscribers following our live beta trial.

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Happy Feet. How running delivers on the promise of making us happier and healthier?

Whether it’s through social connections, finding ‘flow’ in the moment, or through finding the right balance between pleasure and purpose in our daily lives, Men’s Running urban running contributor Scott Cain explores running and happiness.

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How active, or inactive, are we as a nation in the ‘first and last mile’ of our everyday commutes?

RunFriendly, Go-Ahead and University of Leeds have conducted world’s most in-depth study into ‘first and last mile’ of our everyday journeys and commutes. The first-of-its-kind research explores how we can encourage and enable different commuter ‘archetypes’ to have more active and healthy journeys from their front door to their main modes of transport, such as the train station, and then onwards to their work or destination. And then the return journey.

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Midnight Running in the City. Every bit as good as it sounds.

Scott Cain, RunFriendly CEO, writes in the Guardian. Scott joins a community of night-time runners, who soundtrack their jaunts to bass-heavy dance music, which is changing the face of urban running.


Super Heroes

What should we call someone who is supremely RunFriendly? Someone who both uses and enthuses about us? A friend of RunFriendly perhaps? Or a Super RunFriendly? Whichever it is, we have some and we love them. Here's a couple of pictures of our latest run amigos receiving their RunFriendly t-shirt.

Tris, who is also enjoying one of our favourite running books, Why We Run? By Bernd Heinrich. Grab a copy of you can!

And Ruth, who made our month, when she told us, "RunFriendly has transformed my whole run commute experience."

And she added, "And it's much more favourable for my work colleagues too!"


RunFriendly wins place on London and Partners Business Growth Programme

Running and cycling start-up RunFriendly has won a place on the London and Partners Business Growth Programme. Along with other high-growth potential firms looking to scale internationally, RunFriendly will receive a structured programme of support as part of the 2019 cohort working with the Urban, Life Sciences and Innovation teams.


Go-Ahead urges passengers to get active for the first and last mile of their journeys

Go-Ahead, in partnership with active travel experts RunFriendly and the University of Leeds, has published a study examining the health benefits of active travel combined with public transport, offering a compelling alternative to driving for all or part of daily commutes.

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RunFriendly wins place on top geospatial accelerator.

RunFriendly has been selected to join geospatial accelerator, Geovation.

Businesses joining the start-up accelerator each receive up to £20,000 in funding and a range of resources and services, including access to experienced software developers, geospatial expertise from Ordnance Survey, property expertise from HM Land Registry, and specialist mentoring to assist with business proposals and investor relationships.

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RunFriendly wins spot on London Sport incubator programme

London Sport to nurture 11 start-ups through six-month dedicated physical activity incubator programme.

Cohort to be supported by incubator partnerships with Fieldfisher, PwC, Loughborough University, London & Partners, Tech London Advocates, CrowdCube, and RLC Ventures.

For more information on Sport Tech Hub and the 11 start-ups joining the programme check their site

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Running and air quality. We investigate what can be done to help us all breathe easier.

We hear a lot about dangerous air quality, but when is it better to actually not run in a city? And how are you, as a runner, expected to make that choice? Urban running correspondent Scott Cain, who is also CEO of RunFriendly, investigates for Men’s Running.