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We love running in cities.

It lifts our spirits, helps get us places, and soothes our soul. But it’s not without its hassles. We call these run-kinks.

At RunFriendly we experience and observe these run-kinks every day so that we can design solutions to make your city running that bit better.

Things like an Airbnb-style approach to getting a shower and changed. We work with hotels and gyms that already have the showers and some spare capacity. That’s the first feature in our initial test and learn stage. We’d love to hear from you if you’d like to be part of the trial service.

All of our digital products and campaigns come from this starting point. Spot a problem? We think up a nifty work around. Or should we say: experience an everyday run-kink? We design a nimble approach that helps you run happily, safely and with ease.

RunFriendly. To feel-good


We are helping
more people
to run more often
in cities.

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Our Story

RunFriendly was born of RunHack, which Scott co-founded in 2017, which bring together innovators, developers, designers, public policy makers who identify key barriers facing urban runners, and prototype new innovative solutions to those barriers.   


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