Run, cycle & do active things outdoors.
More easily, more often, whatever the weather.

Access showers on demand

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Discover gyms, hotels and other spaces to get showered and changed.

Experience the city afresh!

Whether cycling to work, running to meet friends, getting active in the park, heading out on the town, or just need reviving after a full day on-the-go, RunFriendly offers a fresh take on city life.


How it works?

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Step 1

Sign up for RunFriendly.

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Step 2

Suggest it to friends in your city who cycle, run & are active - the more demand we show the better.

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Step 3

You experience the city actively & afresh with RunFriendly's 'shower-on-demand' service.

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Step 4

Enjoy and feel-good!

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Count me in

Interested in updates or subscribing to one of our plans?


List your gym, hotel or venue today

Generate new income from under-used assets - your showers & changing facilities - whilst helping more of us run and cycle whatever the weather.

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